It all starts with an idea…

Whether your ideas are simple sketches on a napkin or a collection of photos you’ve clipped out of magazines, we have the experience and resources to make your dream paradise a reality.

We will sit down together and you can share your ideas or we can come up with some creative concepts for you. You will feel pampered with options as we show you the many pool styles, water features, shapes, and decorative accents you have to choose from. The end result will be a completely custom pool design ready for execution.The idea can be yours or ours.It all starts with an idea.

We take pride in every step as we build your custom paradise!

1) Layout & Excavation
It’s time to break ground. First we lay out the pool in the yard with paint so you can get a picture of the size and shape of the pool and make any adjustments if neccesary to the placement. Once you’re satisfied, it’s time for the excavation of the pool. Depending on the access to your yard, we use either a track hoe or bobcat to excavate the dirt.

2) Rebar, Plumbing & Electrical
Now it’s time for the steel rebar to be built. It’s basically the skeleton of the pool and creates the shape and provides the strength. As the plumbing is also laid out, we take pride to insure a hydrolically balanced pool. After all, proper circulation is what keeps the water clean and inviting. Last the electrical for the lights and pool equipment are installed so we can schedule an inspection.

3) Shotcrete
After the pool’s steel skeleton has been formed, it will be filled in with shotcrete (sprayed concrete) to create the pool shell. Our pool shells are a minimum 6 inches thick in the wall and floor areas and 8 inches thick in the cove areas to create a solid form. The shotcrete crew will put up a canvas wall around the work area to protect your surrounding yard.

4) Architectural Details
Now it’s time to apply the decorative accents and architectural details. Whether you’ve selected a unique rock water slide to resemble a lagoon getaway or roman fountains to create classic elegance, you will feel pampered with options as you select the pool tiles and accents that best express your individual style.

5) Decking & Fencing
The decking is like a picture frame surrounding your beautiful pool and emphasizes the style you’ve chosen. Wolverine Pools has it’s own decking crew providing quality workmanship and customization. If you choose to include a permanent fence and gate the shape and details are custom made to your pool’s unique style and architecture.

6) Interior Finish
We’re almost done. Now it’s time for the interior surface—the icing on the cake. Choose from pebble-type finishes to resemble a natural lagoon or a plaster or quartz finish to showcase man-made architecture and ingenuity.

Pool Equipment

We use only the best pool equipment you can buy, that way we can ensure your pool will last a lifetime. We offer many of the modern conveniences technology brings to maintaining you pool, like infloor cleaning and salt-water systems, computer-controlled filtering and ozone chlorination. Here is just a small sampling of some of the high-quality products we use:

Pentair Pool Products is the world’s largest manufacturer of swimming pool equipment and accessories.

Sta-rite pumps and filters are tough, efficient and built to last. Sta-Rite filters are designed to ensure your pool or spa has sparkling clean water, all while providing virtual maintenance-free service. Sta-Rite was the first to design a pool pump made of a glass-reinforced composite resin. These pumps quickly became the standard of the industry.


Tile & Stone:
Aquabella Tiles
NPT Pool Tile:

Pebble & Plaster:
Universal White Cement:

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